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If you are familiar with normal text links, think of content sponsorship as text links on steroids. Unlike regular text links that reside typically in a sponsor section, content sponsorship links are right inside of the article. Your website will really get a boost from these links. Links inside of articles that are surrounded by relevant text are the best type of text links you can get. They are premium. What makes ours even better is the fact that our content is original and exclusive. You simply can't get a better type of text link. [ WATCH THE MOVIE! ]

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Following is a listing of our current offerings. If you have any questions, please drop us a message using the [ contact form ]. To purchase sponsorships instantly, select the articles you want to sponsor per website and click PREVIEW ORDER below. We accept PAY PAL for instant purchases.

The links below open in new windows. Read the articles over and make the move to increase your website's visibility.

Article Monthly Cost Reserve Article
Horse Racing Structure 30
Horse Racing Handicapping 30
Sports Betting : True odds of Parlays 30
NBA Betting : Sports Betting Formulas 30
How to Win at Poker 30
Poker Lingo 30
Poker Starting Hands : Early Position 30
Bluff Your Stack Away 30
Keno : The Basics 30
Caribbean Stud Poker Crash Course 30
Blackjack Strategy - Breaking the Rules 30
Blackjack - Counting Cards 30
How to Play Blackjack 30
Blackjack - Using Simple Math to Increase Value 20
Money Management 101 - Part 1 20
Craps Primer 15
Craps Layout Part 1 15
Craps Layout Part 2 15
Playing Craps 15
Safest Craps System 15
Field Betting Craps System 15
Horse Racing Glossary 15
Baseball Betting Tips 15
Roulette Layout 10
Roulette Bet Types 10
Roulette Stats 10
Roulette Martingale System 10
Roulette Patient Player System 10
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